These pages give details of EMJB’s Topfield Application Programs (TAPs) and related Windows PC applications. These provide additional/improved functionality for the Topfield Personal Video Recorders. They have been primarily designed for the UK TF5800 model, but MAY work on other models – see notes on individual TAPs for more details. Follow links below for more details and for downloads.





Auto Restore - This TAP is intended to provide a means of backing up & restoring your system settings, so they can be easily restored after a crash, new firmware load, or Factory Reset. It can be run manually, when settings may be saved or restored, or from Auto Start, when settings are restored at boot time. This has only been tested on the TF5800, but should work on all models.


Channel Organiser – allows you to rescan your existing or all channels without loss of normal timers or your system settings, and then updates the ini files for various channel-dependent TAPs. It allows unwanted channels to be deleted (remembering them for next time) and includes facilities to edit Favourites lists (native & MyStuff). It is firmly orientated towards UK models, including the TF5810.


Control Lock - you to lock & unlock all the Remote Control Unit & Front Panel  keys (including “Standby”) using a 3 key code (not necessarily numeric, giving ~64,000 combinations). This has only been tested on the TF5800, but should work on all models.


FwLoad – allows new firmware versions to be installed and optionally patched by simply putting the firmware and patch files in defined Toppy directories, and running this tap. It is primarily intended to allow installation of firmware and patches under control of a computer application such as TAP Installer.


MHEG Control – This TAP includes a number of features to improve the MHEG operation and limit its impact on normal viewing. This is for the TF5800 only.


MyInfo – when run manually, this TAP displays and logs the key parameters of your toppy that might be contributing to any problems, including firmware used, patches applied, running TAPs , and memory availability. It can also be run from Auto Start to invisibly log that information. The log file includes a suggested signature entry for the UK Toppy forum.


Signal Monitor  - enhanced signal level & signal quality monitoring & recording – new version now suitable for international use (has been reported as working in Finland & Australia).


Tap Launcher – will allow you to launch up to 7 TAPs with a single key, another 10 with a combination of a key + “0” to “9”, another 20 by the same initial key and scrolling down a list, and 7 more using daily/weekly/monthly timers to allow you to have scheduled operation when not provided by the TAP author. In the single key case, more than one TAP can be allocated to a key, and the TAP can be activated without further key presses. It should work on all models.


Toppy Monitor - This TAP is intended to provide a facility for monitoring various aspects of the Toppy operation while using the Toppy relatively normally. The aspects of this TAP that are thought to be unique are the ability to display the results either as an on-screen message or using the front panel display, or both, and the wide range of parameters which can be monitored. It has been primarily developed to help in the development of other TAPs, but may be of use to normal users who have problems with their Toppy. It should work on all models with the 7-segment front panel displays.





TAP Installer – This is a script-driven TAP & firmware installation tools that allows user interaction and download of files from the internet. It is primarily aimed at providing a user-friendly method for novices to install or update TAPs that require a number of supporing files which are dependent on the user’s configuration or wishes. The scripts need to be generated by the TAP authors and/or their helpers to reflect the particular needs of that TAP.


Toppy Updater – This allows you to check that (nearly) all your TAPs, firmware, and related files are up to date with a few clicks of a mouse. It uses a central database defining where the latest versions of files are to be found, and compares these with the files on your Toppy. It can also be used for installing TAPs by experts or where complex user interaction is not required.



Toppy Key Handling - This document aims to explain the complexities of the Toppy key handling (particularly for authors of TAPs for the TF5800).


Toppy Character Map – showing which characters are displayed using the standard font.

OpenVix For Toppy Users - This document aims to assist Toppy Users in changing over to a Enigma2/OpenVix PVR.






Blank Channel – This TAP generates a blank channel on each Mux for those who prefer to be able to suppress the background picture and sound. Unlikely to work on models other than TF5800.


Channel Manager – manage your channel configuration and avoid unwanted & duplicated channels. Now incorporates the “OneList” & “RadioDelete” functions and allows you to do a Factory Reset without losing your system settings. This is primarily intended for TF5800 use, but may work on other models using LCNs. This has been replaced by Channel Organiser.


Favourites Manager – currently for MyStuff only users – allows you to edit your favourites lists on your Toppy and, for “rt2mei” users to automatically update configuration files as necessary. This has been replaced by Channel Organiser.


MforR – switches MHEG on & off according to whether a radio channel is being played – for use with the OneList TAP if MHEG is not wanted when viewing TV programmes. The functions are now incorporated in the latest version of MHEG Control, but is still available for use by those who prefer it.


(TV & Radio) OneList – Copies your radio channels into your TV channel list so that they can be processed by EPG TAPs which would not otherwise handle radio channels, and allows composite favourite lists to be generated – of particular interest to MyStuff users, but can be used by anyone preferring a single Tv/Radio channel list or wants to free up the TV/Radio key for other purposes. The functions are now incorporated in the latest version of Channel Manager, but is still available for use by those who prefer it.


Radio Delete – deletes all your radio channels so that the Tv/Radio key no longer has any effect – particularly intended for users of OneList & MyStuff. The functions are now incorporated in the latest version of Channel Manager, but is still available for use by those who prefer it.


Remote Lock – Now superseded by Control Lock above.


StopZero – stops you changing aspect ratio using the zero key – superseded by simonc’s latest “Remote Extender” TAP (or a firmware patch) but available to use if you want.


Follow links above for more details and for downloads.