Current Version: 4.0a

1                    INTRODUCTION



This TAP is intended for use with the OneList TAP, or any other method of generating a combined radio & TV channel list. Using this approach MHEG needs to be on for the radio sound to operate, but many people prefer to have MHEG off when it is not needed to reduce the Toppy processor load and thus improve response times.


This TAP automates the MHEG on off switching by monitoring the current channel selection, and switching MHEG on or off as appropriate whenever a channel change is detected. By adopting this approach, MHEG can be temporarily enabled or disabled using the standard Toppy Menu/System Settings until the next channel change.


MforR uses the LCN >= 700 as the TV/Radio discriminator, so is UK-specific. An error message is generated if the TAP is run on any other model, or with firmware which is not supported.


2                    Subtitles


               MHEG is automatically inhibited by the Toppy when subtitles are selected. The TAP therefore has to switch off subtitles when a radio channel is selected. Previous versions’ attempts to switch them back to their previous state when a TV channel is selected had problems with spurious subtitle selection for reasons unknown so this version always switches subtitles off when changing channels.


3                  USE


Download MforR from here, and unzip the received file, which contains two versions as follows:


·         MforR.tap


·         MforRNLS.tap


These are functionally identical, but the former displays a short message while loading. Copy the version you prefer into “/ProgramFiles” (or a subdirectory thereof) and start it from the native Toppy Archive. When you are satisfied that it does what you want, transfer it to your Auto Start directory.


To close MforR down, press “Menu” (to get the main Toppy menu) followed by “Stop” (Live), and then press OK at the “Do you want to” prompt.



4                    WARNING






5                    VERSION HISTORY


Alpha 1            - initial version to allow the concept to be widely evaluated.

Alpha 2            - only switches MHEG on & off on channel changes, so MHEG can be temporarily enabled using the native Toppy “System Settings” menu if so desired.

-          Minor changes to reduce processing power utilization when not switching MHEG

-          Reduction in size by omitting some library functions

Alpha2a           - Addition of exit route & NLS version.

V3.0                 - Subtitle aspects added

-          Compatible with firmware version 5.13.40

V4.0                 - Compatible with firmware version 5.13.55

-          Subtitles now deselected on every channel change.


V4.0a               - Hopefully compatible with firmware 5.13.56/59




5                    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS


To bdb for the use of his “exTAP” routines to switch MHEG on & off and determine the subtitle state, and Andy Rogers for producing an exTap update compatible with 5.13.55.






Further attempts to get subtitle switching to work OK – please post in the forum below if you would use such as facility.



7                    FEEDBACK


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