Sleepy Eye Look

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A cheap and easy method of getting the sleepy eye look.

What you need

  • 2 x male push fit crimps (1/4 blade)
  • 2 x female push fit crimps (1/4 receptacle)
  • Enough suitable cable to reach from the fuse box in the front boot to your prefered switch position and back again (needs to fairly heavy cable as its carrying the headlight motor current)

Decide where you are mounting the switch and run 2 lengths of cable from there to the fuse box in the front boot

  • Connect the cables to your switch and install it.
  • At the fuse box end crimp a male connector on 1 cable and a female on the other
  • Cut a short piece of cable (about 2 “) and crimp male on one end and a female on the other


Remove the 30a fuse marked RTR MTR (green fuse on the left hand side)




  • Plug the male end of the short cable into the left hand side of the fuse holder (you may have to trim the side of the crimp slightly to get it to go in)
  • Plug the male end of the long cable from the switch into the right hand side of the fuse holder (again you may have to trim it)
  • Plug the fuse into the 2 female crimps

Tuck the fuse out the way and refit the cover. That’s the job done



  • Put the switch in the off position
  • Put the headlight switch on to raise the headlights ( nothing will happen)
  • Toggle the switch on/off to raise the headlights to the desired position (finishing with the switch off)
  • You can now switch the headlight switch off and the headlights will stay in the position you have set them in
  • When you put the headlights on again they will stay in the same position
  • To restore normal operation put the switch on





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