Fitting Air Horns

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Replacing Standard horns with air horns


  I found that Mr T’s horn set up was absolutely pathetic, so decided to fit air horns instead. I decided to fit them under the radiator cover out of the way.

The standard setup has 2 horns, 1 behind the radiator on the right and 1 in front of the radiator to the left of centre bolted to the central support. You can see in in this picture.


    I removed the horn behind the radiator and used the mounting point to fit the compressor and a relay, which you can see in these pictures, the air hose is routed over the top of the radiator and down to the horns which I mounted on a bracket bolted to the right side of the central support. If you remove the number plate (2 screws) and the grill (3 screws) there’s plenty of room to work




In this picture you can just see the horns through the hole. I left the existing front horn in place and just pulled the plug out of it.



    Finished article.  Just refit the cover and you’d never know they were there. Until you hit the horn !!




             The reason I used a relay ( which came with the horns) is that the way Mr T has wired the horns the horn push earths the circuit. I didn’t want the higher current passing through the horn push in case it causes problems. So I used the horn push to energise the relay and used the relay contacts to switch the power to the horn compressor. Here’s the circuit I used, I left the standard plug on and used male push connectors to connect to it.









Please note  All modifications are carried out at your own risk. They have all been tested by me and work fine on MY 1988 T-bar


Jimi Lawson   13/04/2005

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